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The Integrative Psychoanalytic Society is a dedicated group of interdisciplinary practitioners and theorists who align with the core values of diversity, inclusion and heterogeneity. It is a society constructed to offer coursework and training in diverse fields of study, which may be used to inform the psychoanalytic process. In addition to the traditional theoretical positions of psychoanalysis, courses in humanities, philosophy, transpersonal psychology and major spiritual perspectives are brought into focus to extend our understanding of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

For each student who attends classes at the institute, the development of a personal idiographic style informed by one’s own inner direction will be encouraged. Each individual’s personal style and intuition will be supported so that an allegiance to the heart and inspired psychoanalytic practice will take precedence over any orthodoxy of theory. Ultimately, it is our goal that each individual who is touched by our society will be inspired to be in cura dell anima (in care of the soul).

Non Exhaustive List of Classes
Ego Psychology
Object Relations
Self Psychology
Relational Psychoanalysis
Psychoanalytic Technique I
Psychoanalytic Technique II
Unconscious Communication
Theories of The Self
Creative Psychoanalytic Writing
Case Consultation I
Case Consultation II
Feminism and Psychoanalysis
Mythology and Psychoanalysis
Existential-Humanistic Psychology and Psychoanalysis
Psychoanalysis as a Spiritual Practice
Postmodern Theory and Psychoanalysis
The Psychoanalytic Mystics
Contemplative Practices and Psychoanalysis
Plato and Neo-Platonism and Psychoanalysis
Buddhism and Psychoanalysis
Gnosticism and Psychoanalysis
Kabbalah and Psychoanalysis
Personally Designed Electives

  • Upcoming Presentations

    Solving the Rubik’s Cube: A case presentation on OCD

    Saturday March 25th 12-1:30 pm

    Derek Zuhlke PsyD will present the case of a teenage male with OCD that has become more severe as of late. The client describes that no matter what situation he is in that his life is consumed by his OCD tendencies and constant racing thoughts. The client also presents with issues of low confidence and self-worth. With high school graduation quickly approaching, he has taken initiative to battle the demons that have consumed him for years in hopes of being more in control of his future.

    Dr. James Jones and Dr Franklin Sollars will be discussants for the case providing their own unique perspectives on this interesting case.

    Derek Zuhlke PsyD graduated from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology with my MA in 2012 and earned his PsyD in 2016. Although rooted in a humanistic and client-centered approach, He values and implements other models such as CBT and depth psychology when working with clients. Dr Zuhlke is currently working as a therapist at Sollars and Associates and was previously supervised by Dr. Sollars, who he credits with much of my recent professional growth.

    James Jones, PhD is currently the President of the Integrative Psychoanalytic Society and maintains a private practice in Rochester Hills, MI.

    Franklin Sollars PhD is the current Vice President for Programs at the Integrative Psychoanalytic Society.

    Coffee , doughnuts and networking from 12 - 1230. Peter Wood's talk will start at 12: 30 and run til approximately 130.

    Board meeting at 11:00 am

    Meeting Venue is the Woodlands. The Woodlands is located at 26105 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334. It is on the East side of Orchard Lake just North of 11 Mile Rd.

    An Exploration of the Psychoanalytic Mystics

    (people may still sign up for this on going study group)

    Starting Monday June 13th, from 7 - 830 pm, Franklin Sollars PhD will host a study group the first Monday evening of the month called "An Exploration of the Psychoanalytic Mystics". There is no charge for the study group. We will explore the works of Wifred Bion, Mike Eigen, James Grotstein, among others and include Franklin's new book "Love Outraged". This study group will count as course credit toward psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy training.
    Email Franklin at [email protected] or call 248 705 3798.

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