Booby-trap drug

 作者:京勾板     |      日期:2019-03-08 02:16:10
A MODIFIED form of penicillin could pave the way for a new range of antibiotics. Bacteria have built up resistance to penicillin by producing a defence enzyme called &bgr;-lactamase. This chops up the active part of the penicillin molecule—the &bgr;-lactam group—making the drug useless. “Bodyguard” molecules that inhibit the defence enzyme have been made, but bacteria soon evolve to deal with them too. Now a team led by Timothy Smyth of the University of Limerick in Ireland has built an antibacterial molecule into penicillin’s &bgr;-lactam group. They will say in a future issue of The Journal of Organic Chemistrythat if the &bgr;-lactam group is cleaved, it releases another antibacterial agent. “We call this a checkmate strategy,” says Smyth. “From the point of view of chemical synthesis,