Just add water

 作者:公羊惺     |      日期:2019-03-08 02:06:24
By Andy Coghlan IT MIGHT not yet be water into wine but beer drinkers can now perform their own minor miracle. By adding ordinary tap water to the world’s first powdered beer—and then waiting for two weeks—they can make 10 pints of ale. The beer is fermented in a device called the Miracle BrewZer, a golden sphere the size of a basketball with five supporting legs. “What we’ve done is develop the smallest brewery in the world,” claims David Mugglestone, research director of the Miracle Beer Company in Stowmarket, Suffolk, which produces the BrewZer and the powdered beer. Mugglestone and his colleagues have spent £2 million and six years perfecting their system. The powder contains a blend of beer’s major ingredients: malted barley, hops to impart flavour and yeast to ferment sugars into alcohol. The BrewZer breaks new ground in home brewing in that it dispenses with the usual time-consuming steps of boiling malt extracts, sterilising equipment and adding sugar. Mugglestone says that the secret of the powder lies in the careful balance of ingredients and the process for drying them, but will not elaborate further. The other key innovation is a sterile bag and attachments for brewing each batch of beer. After producing 10 pints these are replaced. The BrewZer costs around £30,